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What is this?

Online Virtual Training is a great way to maintain your fitness levels while you're at home or unable to get into the Total Fitness Gym


Who is it for?

Anyone who wants to continue their managed training at home

Can't get to the gym? Locked down or otherwise home bound? Try our Virtual Training Services to maintain your fitness and have fun.

Virtual Training in Challenging Times

With the current challenges of busy lifestyles, family and work pressures it can often be difficult to overcome the time barrier to get into the gym.  Not to mention those times when we are in lockdown and need to stay in our bubble. And we get it, some people don’t actually like coming to the gym no matter how friendly we make it.  However if you do still have some health, fitness or well-being goals, perhaps working out in the comfort of your own home may be the thing for you.

At Total Fitness our online virtual services include Personal Training and Nutrition.  The sessions still include exceptional guidance, accountability and you may be surprised how challenging an at home workout can be.  We have a very creative team and can include any equipment that you have on hand or make it solely bodyweight.  

No Equipment, No Problem

For those of you who would like a little more equipment to use at home you also have access to our online shop that will deliver directly to your door.

And yes, if you are self-employed we can make these sessions a deductible expense for you within our Stress Management Programme.

So to take the first steps to your at home fitness experience or nutrition guidance and start by messaging us for a complimentary consultation.


from $50/session
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Personal Training

Weekdays & Saturday AM
from $50/session

A personal trainer is a guide on your journey toward a fitter, stronger, healthier you. We can get you started and keep you on track toward your goals.

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Available 5 days
from $50 ACC or $85 Private

We offer a wide variety of physio services to suit all injury's or fitness goals. ACC Accredited provider.

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