Tricia Milne

Customer review

Total Fitness is a great gym to belong to and be a part of. Total Fitness offers a safe environment for people of all fitness levels to exercise. Blair and the team are genuine, positive, non–judgemental, and supportive. The staff share in my successes. You are considered to be a part of the “gym family” with staff making a real effort to get to know you, and acknowledging you by name as you arrive. Fellow gym members are friendly. Total Fitness offers a holistic health approach: exercise (Personal Training), nutrition, massage, and physio. By using all the services the gym offers, one of the most important successes in my personal journey is the vast improvement in my self-belief. This has helped me in my endeavour to lose weight and to allow myself to believe “I can be the best and healthiest me” possible. With PT exercise programmes specific to me, I am encouraged to go to the gym more than I once did. Total Fitness is a clean safe well-equipped gym that has an amazing team of trainers and support staff. It is a friendly gym where “real” people are welcome and encouragement awaits. Try Total Fitness for yourself!!