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What is this?

Accurate diagnosis; hands-on, evidence-based treatment; exercise prescription and management strategies that get you sorted. Whatever your injury we provide expert advice and management strategies to help you get fast, effective results.


Who is it for?

Everyone could benefit

Acute and chronic sports and back injuries. Post Operative Rehabilitation (after surgeries such ACL reconstructions, spinal surgery, fractures, rotator cuff repairs, and hip & knee joint replacements. Growing and adolescent pain. Overuse and repetitive strain injuries Neck pain and cervical headaches. Hip, groin and pelvic girdle pain Lower back pain and sciatica. If anything resonates for you then we can help.

Whatever your injury we provide simple, clear and effective strategies to help you get fast, lasting results. We aim not only to resolve your symptoms but help you to understand the cause of your problem so that you never have to see anyone for the same injury again - a solution, not just a band aid.

Our friendly, expert team is led by past NZ Winter Olympic Lead Team Physiotherapist, Antony Bush. With 20-years’ experience in both spinal pain and musculoskeletal sports injuries, Antony has worked with a wide variety of elite international athletes.

We deliver high-quality, unrushed, one-on-one sessions for both ACC and private patients.

You don’t need a doctor’s referral to see us, if you haven’t filled out an ACC claim, you can fill one out at the clinic.

We treat a wide range of sports injuries and spinal complaints, from acute injuries, to overuse and chronic conditions.

If you are unsure whether physiotherapy is the right for you, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to discuss the appropriateness of different treatment options, or where necessary, refer you on to the appropriate specialist.


from $50 ACC or $85 Private
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Whether you want to get fit, lose weight, tone up or improve your posture from sitting at a desk all day, we have the experienced team and competitive packages to help you achieve your goals!

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At Total Fitness our online virtual services include Personal Training and Nutrition.

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