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What is this?

Whether you want to get fit, lose weight, tone up, or improve your posture from sitting at a desk all day, we have an experienced team and competitive packages to help you achieve your goals!


Who is it for?

A corporate gym with a family feel.

The gym is designed for men and women of all ages and experience levels. No matter what your experience level is, no matter what level of support you need, the Total Fitness gym has all the equipment and facilities you need to start, continue or really push your training. Come and talk to our friendly team today.

What the gym has to offer

We aim to reduce the barriers to exercise and optimise your results. If you are a first-time exerciser or like many have tried to make a start on your path to improved fitness before and fallen off due to lack of time, injury, or just not getting the results you were after, we can support you to make the lifestyle changes that will make a difference. At Total Fitness we offer: Time-efficient training that fits into your busy day.

Quality Personal Trainers with the knowledge and experience to achieve results.

A welcoming environment with challenging, diverse, and group workouts.

Training and nutrition plans that are safe, easy to follow, and get results.

Education and the information you need to maximise your training.

A Degree qualified Nutritionist with specialist skills in healthy weight management.

Massage Therapy for Therapeutic, Relaxation, Deep Tissue, and Sports Massage.

We're located on Victoria St in the city, and we have all the equipment you need to start, continue, or deepen your fitness journey.

Call us now on (03) 365 5410 to make an appointment and get started on the path to a healthier, fitter you!


from $19.95/week
24 hours/7 days

We offer casual day passes and one week memberships for $15/day or $40/week respectively.

For those of you committed to their training we have 3, 6 and 12 month membership terms including corporate rates for some local businesses. The longer you can commit the more cost effective it is.

We offer the best possible start to your training with our Ignition Package.

To find the most cost effective solution for you, please contact us to arrange a tour with one of Membership Consultants.

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Tuesdays & Thursdays
from $45/session

At Total Fitness our degree qualified and experienced Nutritionist will offer you the support and education required to make positive and healthy lifestyle changes.

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Virtual Services

from $50/session

At Total Fitness our online virtual services include Personal Training and Nutrition.

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